June 14, 2019

Virtual Reality Gaming!

Thrillz On Wheelz  is equipped with the latest rage in video gaming…
Virtual reality gaming at a birthday party in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Virtual Reality Video Gaming!

Our Thrillz On Wheelz game theater features a Virtual Reality Gaming Station  that puts you in the game!  Strap on the amazing VR headset, grab the virtual reality controls, and get ready to immerse yourself in a virtual world of fun!

Collage of virtual reality gaming photos - Calgary, Alberta birthday party

Lose yourself in the game…you’ll be amazed by our high-tech virtual reality games, and your friends can follow the action on the high-definition screen to enhance the fun!  We’ve got games like Skyrim, Batman, VR Worlds, Superhot and Beat Saber!

Virtual reality gaming in our Calgary Alberta game truck

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